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Falkner Evans - ARC

“The title of this CD originated when I began to think about how we musicians give shape and form to a work that reflects who we are.  The endeavor is elusive. The word ARC expresses that final, rounded-out beauty, however imperfect, we attempt to create.”
— Falkner Evans, June 2007

“Falkner has the ability to passionately improvise his music with an enormous sound and in a jazz language that he can render intelligibly to his listeners.  Falkner is certainly a warm-toned jazz pianist who respects both harmony and melody with a sound that sometimes recalls the great Bill Evans, yet his style is distinctively personal.”
— George W. Carroll, eJazzNews, September 2007

“The trio led by Evans shows a remarkable communication between its three members in the search of climaxes that, like in everyday life, arise from our moods. This gives the music an enormous dimension.  ARC contains in its passages a freedom that flows magical and vital, the freedom to use each note, each sound, with a naturalness that fills the spaces, that crosses the harmonic timbres, that draws creative rhythmical phrases of a charming brightness.”
— Tierra de Musica, October 2007

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01. Regatta (6:02)
Falkner Evans
02. Singing Darkness (5:21)
Falkner Evans
03. Central Park West (3:48)
John Coltrane
04. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum (6:02)
Wayne Shorter
05. Bar Enigma (6:44)
Falkner Evans
06. Lucia's Happy Heart (6:51)
Falkner Evans
07. Make Tracks, Child (5:48)
Falkner Evans
08. Come Rain Or Come Shine (7:25)
Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen
09. Lost In The Stars (5:01)
Kurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson
Total Time: 53:02


Falkner Evans – piano
Belden Bullock – bass
Matt Wilson – drums

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