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Level Playing Field

Falkner Evans - Level Playing Field
“Falkner Evans is a name you may not recognize.  However, with his talent, you will soon get to know and love his music.  I first became aware of Falkner in the fall of the year 2000 and was drawn into his music by its depth, passion and swing.”
— Carl Allen, October 2001

“Level Playing Field ….On the composing side, one hears the magic of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, especially the latter, in his writings….This is one of the best piano trios I’ve heard in a while and is highly recommended.”
— Dave Nathan, All About Jazz 2002

“The music has a light, lilting way of evolving in a straightforward yet enjoyable manner….He plays with a warm, lyrical touch, displaying a wholesome approach to improvising within the structure of the song form on his compositions as well as the works of others….Evans is an expressive pianist who shows fine composing skills to complement his melodic playing style.”
— Frank Rubolino, Cadence, August 2002

Falkner Evans - Level Playing Field - Metropolitan Records
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01. So What Do You Mean? (for Taco) (6:17)
Falkner Evans
02. Mudan Red (5:46)
Falkner Evans
03. Somewhere (8:27)
Leonard Bernstein
04. Wash Me Clean (5:48)
k.d. lang
05. The Way After (5:58)
Falkner Evans
06. I Got It Bad (6:29)
Duke Ellington
07. A Lokey Groove (7:16)
Falkner Evans
08. For Heaven's Sake (5:18)
Don Meyer
09. Level Playing Field (4:01)
Falkner Evans
Total Time: 55:20


Falkner Evans – piano
Cecil McBee – bass
Matt Wilson – drums

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