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The Point of the Moon

Falkner Evans - The Point of the Moon

“The comfort zone is not where a truly creative artist takes up permanent residence. 

After three trio recordings that established him as one of the most vivid post-bop stylists on the present jazz scene, pianist and composer Falkner Evans has expanded his tonal palette for The Point Of The Moon.  The result is his most ambitious and rewarding album, one that demonstrates his growth as a skilled instrumentalist and his newly emerging gifts as a small group arranger. The point of departure for Evans may be  solidly crafted modern jazz with nods to hard bop and sights beyond, but his own spin on the tradition has never been so boldly executed.”
— Steve Futterman, 2011 


The Point of the Moon is most assuredly something different, and decidedly a move forward for the pianist/composer. Evans emerges into the ethereal light cast by the luminescence of this musical moonglow; bold, vivid imagination intact and in the  company of capable, dedicated, accomplished musicians.”

— C. J. Bond,  Jazz Music, June 2011

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01. Altered Soul (5:39)
Falkner Evans
02. Drawing In (5:00)
Falkner Evans
03. Dorsoduro (5:38)
Leonard Bernstein
04. Cheer Up (3:25)
Falkner Evans
05. O Grande Amor (7:06)
A. Jobim
06. Slightest Movement (4:26)
Falkner Evans
07. While We're Young (5:27)
A. Wilder
08. Off The Top (7:15)
Falkner Evans
09. The Point Of The Moon (5:56)
Falkner Evans
Total Time: 50:09


Falkner Evans – piano
Greg Tardy – saxophone
Ron Horton – trumpet
Belden Bullock – bass
Matt Wilson – drums
Greg Versace – organ (track 8), accordion (track 9)

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