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Marbles will be available on cdBaby as a pre-release on April 10th and is scheduled for release on all major digital platforms on April 17th. We appreciate you talking the time to listen and please check back or send a message if you would like to be notified personally when this is available.

While we are excited to announce this release, we understand the uncertainty that we all feel at this moment. Our hearts go out to everyone that has been touched by this virus. We wish you health and happiness and take comfort in knowing that we are all resilient and will get through this together.

Falkner Evans - Marbles

“One of the objectives in making this project a reality was to strike a cohesive balance between structure and looseness, ensemble and improvisation to achieve something that sounds like a working band. In one form or another we rehearsed to make the music second nature. We also realized that by the time we hit the studio, the shape of the music would certainly change from our original expectations.”
— Falkner Evans, 2019

“With this spirited and intriguing set, Evans has managed to assemble an all-star band that still works together with the camaraderie and chemistry of a road-tested unit; his writing for the three-horn frontline balances the flexibility of a small group with the harmonic richness of a big band; his brilliant original compositions offer the surprises of the newly paired with the familiarity that comes from such indelible melodies.”
— Shaun D Brady, 2020

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01. Pina (6:01)
Falkner Evans
02. Civilization (6:07)
Falkner Evans
03. Sing Alone (6:30)
Falkner Evans
04. Global News (4:01)
Falkner Evans
05. Hidden Gem (5:16)
Falkner Evans
06. This From That (5:22)
Falkner Evans
07. Mbegu (5:45)
Falkner Evans
08. Marbles (6:22)
Falkner Evans
09. Dear West Village (4:22)
Falkner Evans
10. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (1:36)
Mercer Ellington
Total Time: 51:27


Falkner Evans – piano
Michael Blake – tenor and soprano saxophone
Ted Nash – alto saxophone, clarinet and flute
Ron Horton – trumpet and flugelhorn
Belden Bullock – bass
Matt Wilson – drums
Steve Nelson – vibes (tracks 5, 8 and 10)

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